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Dr. Elias Halon and the staff of the Center for Aesthetics and Dental Implants, do everything to make your visit to the clinic a positive and special experience. Professionalism, quality and service are the most important principles and the client is always top priority. Dr. Elias Halon takes care of progress and innovation, and he learns and specializes from the beginning to provide you – our clients – advanced and highest quality dentistry.
At the Center for Aesthetics and Dental Implants, you will find a variety of innovative treatments with the most advanced technologies. All this is accompanied by close supervision and control of treatment results and continuity after the completion of the treatment, follow up on the customer's situation and full responsibility for all the treatments you will receive.


• Dental Implants • Digital Implant • Ceramic Implant • Bone Augmentation and Sinus Lift • Oral Rehabilitation • Dental Prosthodontics • Laminate Veneer • Inlay&Onlay Aesthetics Restoration • Aesthetic Restoration Dentistry • Metal Free Dentistry  

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HaNassi Blvd 21, Haifa, Israel
Phone1: +972 4 838 6758
Phone2: +972 54 535 8348
Email: hallounclinic.haifa@gmail.com

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